Lighting Styles used in 3D Rendering

Dec 23, 2021

When proper lighting is used in a rendering, it can unleash the

Most of us like certain movies because we can relate to them. We can relate to its story, settings, OST, characters, and scenes. But did you know that one more element completes the movie, making us want them so much?  

It’s the lighting. 

Lighting plays an important role in conveying what the writers and directors want their audience to feel. Notice the lighting of a particular scene when they want to induce a vibrant, celebrating mood to their audience.  How about the lighting when they tried to stir your loneliness? Have you noticed how it changed?

Lighting is very effective in stirring the audience’s emotions. The same is true with rendering. When proper lighting is used in a rendering, it can unleash the details that the artist wanted their clients to see. The right lighting can also reveal the overall beauty of a rendering. 

Lighting does a lot, and it can make or break a client’s expectation of one’s design. Thus, it is essential for someone in the real estate, construction, or design business to be knowledgeable about the different lighting styles as it can directly impact their client’s perspective on the quality of their work and overall business service. 

Having said this, allow us to share with you the different lighting styles that artists use in 3D Rendering.

Lighting Styles

There are three lighting styles: Daytime, Dusk or Dawn, and Nighttime. But in this blog, we will only discuss the first two because they are the most commonly used lighting styles in architectural visualization. Read further to find out why. 

1. Daytime (noon) Lighting Style

The artist who uses this type of lighting style aims to achieve the following in their rendering: 

  • Present their design with a set of brighter colors that are known to give positive vibes
  • Demonstrate the beauty of the color palette or emphasize the house dimension. 
  • Add more noticeable elements.  A daytime (noon) lighting lets your clients view the texture, intricate furniture details, unique decor, and home furnishings in the most precise way possible. 
  • Enable their clients to feel at ease with the mood that it gives. 

Take a look at the ProgressGuide creation below and see for yourself.

Based on most artists from different forums, daytime (noon) lighting is the most preferred lighting style of most clients as it looks more professional than any other lighting style. But please note that “most” is not equivalent to “all.” Some of your clients may still have a different lighting preference in your rendering project with them, so it’s best to know the Dusk or Dawn Lighting Style as well.

2. Dusk or Dawn Lighting Style

The second most-picked lighting style by most clients for their rendering project. Here’s why: 

The dusk or dawn lighting style provides a warm and cozy look to the interior, which produces a  feeling of relaxation that is very much needed nowadays.  This lighting style also captures the feeling of sitting on a balcony during sunrise or sunset while taking a sip of your favorite coffee or tea. 

How does a dusk or dawn lighting style exude that dreamy feeling?

The tug-of-war between the colors of daytime and nighttime lighting creates a beautiful warm hue that produces a mellow, soft look for the rendering. 

The artist achieves this by incorporating heavily divergent color palettes and increasing the contrast between color, lightness, and darkness. 

Take a look at the sample photo below and observe how the rendering impacts you?

How did you find the two lighting styles so far? 

Daytime lighting goes well for a rendering that provides an inviting and joyful emotion, while the Dusk or Dawn lighting perfectly suits a rendering that showcases a cozy and warm place. Notice how both lighting styles produce appealing feelings. That must be the reason why they are popular picks in the world of architectural visualization.

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This article was last updated on Jul 13, 2024