2D Floor Plan

Oct 5, 2021

The 2D floor plan showcases the layout of your client's property as seen on a bird's-eye view.

Are you looking forward to positioning your business against your closest competitor in the architecture, construction industry, or real estate? Then you need to provide high-quality and error-free 2D Floor Plans and Elevations to start achieving your goals. 

The 2D floor plan showcases the layout of your client’s property as seen on a bird’s-eye view. It does not show you the depth or height since it is presented in a two-dimensional form only. This type of rendering gives you the following details: 

  • Walls
  • Room Layout
  • Windows 
  • Door
  • Stairs 
  • And more!

Some examples of our 2D Floor Plans are shown below.

2D Black & White Plans

2D Elevation

2d Elevation on the other hand lets you see the front and side view of a plan. Take a look at ProgressGuide's sample elevation below.

Do you need help in creating these types of 2D Floor Plans and elevations?

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